Roofing Tune Up Services 

Whether your roofing system is rated to last 20 years, 30 years or a Lifetime, there are routine maintenance measures that must be kept up to date in order for your system to perform at its optimum rating. Furthermore, if you take care of your roofing system issues in their early stages, you'll save thousands of dollars by preventing the progression of component degradation, water damage and mold-growth environments. Let us help you maximize your roof's potential and keep you in the know about what's going on above you! Every property owner who uses CCG for a roofing tune up services automatically get a coupon for $250.00 off of a ReRoof when the time comes. 

Shingle Damage Types​

Click on the gallery above to scroll through different types of damage to roofing shingles, membranes and tiles. Whether you have an old roof that hasn't been serviced in years or a recently installed roof within the past 5 years, you can expect to have some issues with your shingles.




Common System Issues

Click on the gallery above to scroll through different types of common roofing system issues that create an environment for leaking, water-pooling, component degradation and mold-growth environments. We find that more than 50% of roof we inspect have some of these issues that need to be addressed.  

Gutter Debris and Clogging

Gutter build-up and debris is the leading cause of failing water drainage from your roof. Furthermore, once the outlet holes and  downspouts clog, you can expect water to pool above your shingle line - which almost guarantees damage to your wood decking and internal attic areas.