Catastrophe Construction Group Services 

We offer an array of consulting and construction services. Whether you're a property owner, property manager, contractor or other prospective client, we want the opportunity to earn your business. Family owned and operated, we treat each project as if it was our only project. 

Residential Roofing & Exteriors


Catastrophe Construction Group offers repair and replacement services for all types of residential exteriors including asphalt roofing, wood shake roofing, tile roofing, flat roofs, aluminum gutters, steel gutters, sheathing re-decks, flashing projects, attic ventilation, soffit & fascia projects, exterior painting and much more. All work comes with a company workmanship warranty (length depends on project) and manufacturers warranty. 

If you are a prospective client, you can expect an initial consultation to determine your needs and discuss your expectations. Once complete, we'll provide an on-site inspection and assessment of your project and provide you with a written report including assessment methodology, supporting facts, picture documentation and a clear proposal for services. We're proud of how great our feedback has been regarding our process and always provide fair and honest pricing. 

Commercial Roofing Systems 


We offer a unique and trustworthy approach to your commercial maintenance, repair and replacement needs. Whether you have a leaking roof in need of repairs or you just want to make sure you stay on top of your recommended maintenance to prevent issues in the future, we can show you how to save thousands while gaining piece of mind.  

Already have a contractor? Then consider hiring us as a consultant to help protect your bottom line from going through the roof! Many contractors build their proposal strategies and pad their profits by bidding low and change-ordering high. These contractors count on you not knowing what you don't know. We see it all the time! So we have found it beneficial to offer a service to hold these contractors accountable for their decisions and keep change orders to a minimum. And our consulting fees are very reasonable and structured to be less than we help you save - putting your well-earned money back in your pocket.    

Insurance Claims 


Almost every contractor claims to be an expert in the insurance industry, but we've found that to be anything but true. In order to properly understand the ins and outs of the insurance claims process, we've put ourselves through the same education on inspecting damage, negotiating scope and billing as your insurance company representatives. We make the process smooth for you.

Are you unsure if you have claimable damage to your roof or property? Don't wait to find out! Often times hail or wind damage to your roofing shingles can lead to interior damage to your attic components and your walls. By the time you see the evidence inside, it's too late! 

Conversely, has somebody recommended you file a claim without first showing you the claimable damage? Many storm-chasing companies operate on volume by having anyone and everyone file a claim - leaving you to fend for yourself if your insurance company says no! Or even worse, if you never had damage in the first place. We're one of the few companies that will actually show you the damage with photo documentation and walk you through the process of what to expect from your insurance company if you decide to file a claim. We never have you file a claim unless we're sure you have claimable damage - but either way, we help you  make the decision that you're most comfortable with.   

Already been awarded claim funds? We cannot legally represent you; however, we can help negotiate the best award possible and will help educate you on your rights as a consumer. Don't settle for anything less than you deserve.